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All of the pricing options


All contracts and services purchased at The Body Electric Yoga Company are non-refundable and non-transferable. The purchaser agrees to The BE’s terms and conditions upon purchase. Towel Club members may use unlimited mat, hand, and bath towels. Otherwise towels are $2/each to rent.
**Please email us if you have extenuating circumstances:

Private Lessons, Events, and Corporate Wellness

Gift Cards

Gift cards and certificates can be purchased for any amount! Your recipient will receive a certificate via email. If you’d prefer a nifty plastic gift card, come in and see us.

Buy a Gift Card

Membership Rights and Responsibilties

Are you practicing or working out more than once a week? Become a member of The BE Yoga and/or The BE Athletic and enjoy unlimited classes. You will be locked into your rate for as long as you keep your membership current.

Annual and monthly members get:

  • Unlimited drop-in classes *CHEAP*
  • Unlimited access to the full BE TV schedule of classes
  • Free mat rental and option to upgrade to Towel Club
  • 10% off all retail all the time
  • Discounted ($5) Yoga Poolside and Yoga On Tap offsite classes
  • A locked-in rate for as long as you keep your membership current

Annual and monthly autodebit memberships may be purchased online or at the studio.

How BE Membership works

Monthly Membership – Your Membership fee is automatically deducted from your credit or debit card on the purchase date of every month. We require just a 3-month commitment to join. There is no extra fee for joining or for cancelling. It is your responsibility to make sure that we have a valid credit card on file. Annual Membership – The annual membership may not be cancelled, transferred, or refunded for any reason. If you are injured or otherwise sincerely out of commission, we can extend your membership up to three months. Write us at

Termination and Freeze Policy –  Members who wish to freeze their membership may do so for any reason, ONCE per annual year, for one payment only (30 day freeze). Upon freezing your autodebit payment, the ability to sign up for classes is also halted. Students who wish to terminate may also do so at any time. However, you must freeze or terminate your membership BEFORE your monthly payment date. Freeze/pauses/terminations can be accomplished by writing us at Membership privileges will continue throughout the term of your last month charged. If you wish to restart your membership, you may do so at any time, but at the current rate. We will not refund you for a month that has already begun.

Cancellation Polices & Stuff

Sometimes plans have to change. To be as fair and as consistent as possible, we’ve established a cancellation policy that takes into consideration the student, the studio, and the presenter. This policy has changed in response to new COVID-related procedures. Because room capacities are a fraction what they once were, every spot has increased in value. To help create space for those committed to showing up, we have established stricter cancellation windows and late-fees.

Regular Group Yoga Classes

Early-Cancel Procedures and Policies

You may SELF-CANCEL up to two hours before the scheduled start time of any class. Use the app or sign in to your BE account through our website to self-cancel. If you used a Drop-In or 10-Pack option, that class credit will remain on your account, and will be automatically applied the next time you register for a regular group class. If you are an Unlimited Member, nothing happens. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late to a full class your spot may be forfeited to another student.

Late-Cancel and No-Show Procedures and Policies:

If you fail to cancel your reservation before the end of the two-hour window, or don’t show up, you will be Late Cancelled from the roster. If you used a Drop-In or 10-Pack option, the credit is forfeited. If you are an Unlimited Member, an $8 fee will be assessed. No credit or refund is available if you fail to early-cancel, or if you do not show up.

Workshops and Events

Early-Cancel Procedure and Policies for Workshops and Events:

You may SELF-CANCEL up to 24-hours before the scheduled start time of the Event or Workshop. If you registered for a regularly-occurring event (like a Yoga On Tap), you can simply leave that credit on your account and it will automatically apply the next time you book any Yoga On Tap. If you registered for an irregularly-occurring event, we can apply the full amount directly to your BE account to be used toward any service or product. If you’d prefer, we will issue a refund minus a $10 fee. Either way, call or write us at 727-490-9361 or

Late-Cancel and No-Show Procedures and Policies:

If you fail to cancel your reservation 24 hours prior, or don’t show up, you will be Late Cancelled from the roster and charged for the workshop or event. No credit or refund is available if you fail to early-cancel, or if you do not show up.


If you book a spot on a waitlist, keep an eye on your email and/or on the class roster. If a space becomes available before the 2-hour waitlist lock window, you will be automatically moved onto the active roster, and automatically notified. If you are moved onto the roster, you will be expected to attend and you will be charged if you don’t. You can also self-cancel from the waitlist up until 2 hours prior to the scheduled start time. Please make sure your correct email address is in your account, and that you are opted-in to emails from us. You can additionally opt-in for text notifications.
At two hours before class time, the waitlist locks, and clients can’t self-cancel from the roster. Spots may still open up, and you can register for them, or move yourself from the waitlist, if you see a spot. It isn’t recommended that you come in and try to fly stand-by, but, if you want to roll the dice, you are free to arrive and hope for a no-show. Please understand that we cannot give up a reserved space until class begins.
Waitlist spots must be paid for at the time of booking, which is a feature of our system that unfortunately we can’t change. If you do not make it into class, that credit will remain on your account and will be automatically applied the next time you register. If you would prefer a refund, please contact us at

IF BE Cancels a Class or Workshop

If The BE has to cancel an event for any reason, full refunds will be issued. If you need to leave a class or workshop, either for an emergency, a fit of coughing, or because you are just having a terrible experience, please come talk to us at the Front Desk and we’ll make things right. If you need help, call or write us at 727-490-9361 or

Facilities Closure

In the event of a COVID-style closure, whether mandated or organizationally-decided upon, all current Unlimited Members will be automatically dropped to the BE TV Unlimited Membership. No hard feelings if you choose to terminate or freeze during that time, but when/if you choose to return it will be at the current rates.