Unlimited Month

$ 85

One MonthAll you can yoga in one month. You’d be surprised.

New Student Special!*cheap*

$ 50

Two Weeks UnlimitedNewbies here

10 ClassesFor Sharing!

$ 120

Never ExpireYe Olde punchcard option. Packages may be shared, and, like lobsters, can theoretically live forever.

Unlimited Year

$ 700

One YearYou are the Ultimate yogi warrior. Pay once and forget about it.

Autodebit MembershipMost Popular

$ 70

monthMembership has its privileges. Discounts and free stuff, a locked-in rate, and a little accountability, too.
All Regular BE Group Yoga Classes
  • Drop-In: $16. Drop-in classes for active studio yoga teachers are half-price.
  • Fridays: $5. All classes on Fridays are $5 (except Mysore)
  • 10-Pack: $120. These do not expire and can be shared.
  • One Year Unlimited: $700. The best deal. No holds, transfers or cancellations are allowed.
  • 30 Day Pass: $85. No holds, transfers or cancellations are allowed.
  • Autodebit: $70/month. Includes all the benefits of membership.
  • Accompanied minors: 1/2 price drop-ins, 1/2 price 30 Day Pass, or 1/2 price One Year Unlimited.

Our goal is to provide the best instruction at affordable rates. The unlimited annual, monthly, and autodebit memberships are the best deals. Read about them here: Membership Privileges and Responsibilities.

Mysore Program Prices: Mysore pricing options may be used for any and all regular group yoga classes. The inverse is not true. To practice Mysore, you must purchase a Mysore package, membership or drop-in. Mysore prices are as follows:

  • Drop-In: $20
  • 5-Pack: $90
  • 10-Pack: $170
  • One Year Unlimited: $1,050
  • 30 Day Pass: $125
  • Autodebit: $108/month

Learn all about our Mysore Program at The BE.

Gift cards and certificates can be purchased for any amount! Your recipient will receive a certificate via email. If you’d prefer a nifty plastic gift card, come in and see us.

Buy a Gift Card
  • Single-Student Privates: $150 for 90 minute initial consult and practice. Contact abby@thebodyelectricyoga.com
    to set it up.
  • Yoga On Tap / Yoga Poolside: $15 at the door / $10 advance registration / $5 BE Unlimited Members with advance registration.
  • Candlelight Nude Yoga for Men: $20 drop-in / $150 10-Pack. No late admittance.
  • Workshops / Special Events / Teacher Trainings: Priced separately.
  • Photo Shoots, Group Privates, Corporate Wellness and Events: See Photo Shoots, Group Privates, Corporate Wellness and Events.

Membership Rights and Responsibilties

Are you practicing or working out more than once a week? Become a member of The BE Yoga and/or The BE Athletic and enjoy unlimited classes. You will be locked into your rate for as long as you keep your membership current.

Annual and monthly members get:

  • Unlimited drop-in classes *CHEAP*
  • Open Gym and Ice Bath privileges at BE Athletic (only)
  • Free members-only workshops
  • Free mat and towel rental
  • 10% off all retail all the time
  • Discounted ($5) Yoga Poolside and Yoga On Tap offsite classes, up to 8 per month
  • Free weekly kids’ class
  • A locked-in rate for as long as you keep your membership current

Annual and monthly autodebit memberships may be purchased online or at the studio.

How BE Membership works

Monthly Membership – Your Membership fee is automatically deducted from your credit or debit card on the first of every month. When you sign up, you will pay a prorated amount for the remainder of the current month, PLUS the fee for the coming month. There is no extra fee for joining or for cancelling. It is your responsibility to make sure that we have a valid credit card on file. Annual Membership – The annual membership may not be cancelled, transferred, or refunded for any reason. If you are injured or otherwise sincerely out of commission, we can extend your membership up to three months. Write us at help@thebodyelectricyoga.com.

Termination and Freeze Policy –  Members who wish to freeze their membership may do so for any reason, ONCE a year, for one payment only. Students who wish to terminate may also do so at any time. However, you must freeze or terminate your membership BEFORE your monthly payment date. Terminations can be accomplished by writing us at help@thebodyelectricyoga.com or you may do it yourself online or in the app. Freeze/holds are done by writing us at help@thebodyelectricyoga.com. Membership privileges will continue throughout the term of your last month charged. If you wish to restart your membership, you may do so at any time, but at the current rate. We will not refund you for a month that has already begun.

Cancellation Policies

because shit happens

Sometimes plans have to change. To be as fair and as consistent as possible, we’ve established a cancellation policy that takes into consideration the student, the studio, and the instructor.

Cancellation Policy for Workshops: You can self-cancel up to 24 hours before the beginning of a regular workshop. If you need help early-cancelling, write us at help@thebodyelectricyoga.com. No credit or refund is available if you cancel later than 24 hours before the start of a workshop, if you do not show up, or if you leave an event early for any reason.

Cancellation Policy for Yoga On Tap: If you registered for one of our Yoga On Tap classes and can’t make it, you don’t have to do anything. That Yoga On Tap credit will stay on your account and can be used for any YOT event at any location, any time.

Cancellation Policy for Regular Group Classes at The BE Athletic: At The BE Athletic class sizes are limited, so we will enforce a late-cancel and no-show policy. You may self-cancel (in app or web) up to two hours before the scheduled class time without penalty. Please do not write or call asking us to cancel you unless you are really having an emergency. If you purchased a drop-in you’ll forfeit that drop-in. If you are an unlimited member the fee is $8, which will charge to the card we have on file.

Cancellation Policy for Child Care at The BE Athletic: Child care is also limited, so we will enforce a late-cancel and no-show policy. The early self-cancel window for childcare is 60 minutes before the BEGINNING OF THE SESSION for which you reserved a spot. In the event of a late-cancel or no-show, you’ll forfeit the child care drop-in price.

Cancellation Policy for Regular Group Classes at The BE Yoga: If you preregistered for class but don’t make it, the class credit will automatically remain on your account to be used next time you register for class, online or in person. There is no need to contact us. If you preregister and are shut out of class because the room has reached capacity, you can either keep the class credit on your account or we will refund your money. Contact us if you’d like a refund: help@thebodyelectricyoga.com. If you registered within the two-hour window before class time and were automatically checked-in, contact us to process your return or credit. You can also call the Front Desk at 727-490-ZEN1.

Being shut out of a class for which you have preregistered can be frustrating. Understand that it is not possible for us to reserve room spots for preregistrants at The BE Yoga, but clients are served on first-come, first served basis. Plan for this by arriving as early as you can, and walking, biking, or ride-hailing when you’re able. We incentivize this by offering Perkville Rewards points for folks who don’t drive to the studio. Alert the desk upon your arrival. If a class you intended to attend is full, consider waiting for the next scheduled class. We will be happy to check in you and get your mat down for the next class.

If The BE has to cancel an event for any reason, a full refund will be issued.