Our Vision, Mission, Culture, and Story


The locally-grown and nationally-recognized home of client-centered mindful movement practices.


The Body Electric Yoga and Athletic Companies provide supportive and beautiful environments to improve the health and happiness of the people of Tampa Bay. We are an inclusive and outward-looking community that is non-intimidating and non-dogmatic in our approaches and philosophies. We provide high-quality instruction and coaching, drawing from many modes and lineages. We believe in the personal and cultural benefits of yoga practices and mindful physical fitness. Our goal is to uplift the entire region by improving the well-being of every individual we reach, and to reach as many individuals as possible. We believe people should be empowered to become their own best coaches and teachers, and we strive to provide customizable models of fitness. We believe in giving people agency and tools so that they may create a sustainably healthy lifestyle.

  • WELCOMING. I make everyone feel like family. There is no hierarchy of status here and no guru, but instead I am empowered to become my own best teacher.
  • OPEN. I believe that yoga and fitness are like language, a living thing, kept alive and relevant by its users. I am non-dogmatic in my approaches and philosophies, welcoming ideas from all styles, studios, lineages, and teachers, as well as other modalities. I don’t say there is a right way or a wrong way. I actively adapt and implement new knowledge.
  • COMMUNITY-MINDED. I am outward-looking and community-minded. I believe in the personal and cultural benefits of yoga practices and mindful mental and physical fitness. I believe that what I do has the power to uplift our city and world, and so I partner with many entities to spread the good word of yoga and fitness.
  • EXCELLENT. I don’t rest on my laurels but never stop learning and improving. I am authentic to myself, always growing and not beholden to any tradition.
  • FUN. I like fun and don’t take myself too seriously. I make yoga and fitness accessible without dumbing it down. I retain beginner’s mind and check my ego.
  • INCLUSIVE. I am committed to cultivating a diverse community, in which all people belong. I work to make sure all people feel respected, valued and seen for who they are as individuals. I am cognizant of personal and cultural biases, and curious about the realities and ideas of other people.
  • ORGANICALLY-GROWN. I make decisions and expand in ways that are natural and in line with these core values.

The Body Electric Yoga Company began as the lovechild of Katelyn Grady and Jenny Miller, yoga teachers, business and life partners who hatched a plan to create the kind of space in which they would like to practice and teach. For two years they schemed, working their day jobs, building their brand, and writing many business plans in a fruitless effort to secure a commercial loan. In the end, they were able to open with their small savings and a lot of help from some very good friends. They rented half of the building at 7th St N and 30th Ave. N in St. Petersburg, Florida, a former ice house with a friendly landlord. With a beautiful, historic space and just four teachers, they opened their doors on March 4, 2013.

There were 21 classes on the weekly schedule, and their operations manual consisted of one yellow Post-It Note with three rules written on it:

  1. Be 30 minutes early
  2. No shit talk of any kind
  3. Long Savasanas

Since then, The BE has grown into two entities and facilities: The Body Electric Yoga Company, and The Body Electric Athletic Company, offering close to 100 weekly live and virtual classes, with more than 50 instructors and staff, workshops featuring homegrown and internationally-recognized teachers, and many offsite events at community-oriented businesses around town. The studio has its own service organization called The BE Good Club, a book club, classes for kids, a Karma Crew program, and partnerships and special events too numerous to list. The BE now serves thousands of students every week.

In 2016 the enterprise expanded into the entire building at 3015 7th St, creating three practice rooms, a large lobby with a retail area and showers, and a teacher’s lounge. The addition of regular staff improved the entire customer experience, allowing the studio to be open for business 8:00am-8:00pm, 7 days a week. The retail store, The Om Depot, offers the community a place to find high-quality yoga and fitness clothes, mats, and products by local-makers.

In January 2020, The Body Electric Athletic Company opened. The BE Athletic is a 15,000 sq ft mindful fitness facility located in South St. Pete. The new BE offers group fitness classes with the same core values and vibes our clients have come to expect. In three large studios we’ve got Strength, Body Beats, Interval Cardio, Strength & Conditioning, Loaded Yoga, Core Awareness classes and more. An open gym and ice baths are available for our members’ use. Our goals are to offer a mindful, sustainable fitness practice that empowers each individual to be their own best coach.

The growth of The BE has been swift but organic, relying on its original core values: to create an outward-looking, supportive space for people to practice becoming their best selves. Rather than trading on yoga’s esoterica and mystique, The BE strives to make the practice accessible. We believe yoga is a living, adaptable technology that we actively reorient to continue addressing its original inquiry: how best to live? As with language, it’s today’s users who keep the tool sharp and vibrant, and so we are not beholden to any great book or lineage, though we are committed students of yoga’s history and philosophies. Free from dogma, we explore, ask questions, and experiment with many styles and modalities.

Today, we believe there is an offering on our schedule for everybody. Whether you’re a  gym rat or straight off the couch, a veteran yogi or “the world’s tightest person,” we’ve got something for you. We still stand behind our original motto: At The Body Electric Yoga Company, we believe that yoga is for everyone. Even you.

Might we make some suggestions?

Our mission is to help you enrich your life. Our method is to make yoga accessible and fun without dumbing it down. Our classes are challenging, because we think that when you practice working through the tough stuff on the mat you’re better equipped for the real stuff of life. This is how we take our yoga out of the studio and into the world. Invite difficulty. Identify your weaknesses. Work on your reactions. Celebrate your strengths. Go ahead, we don’t mind.

DO make yourself at home. Whenever we’re staffing the desk, you can hang out, read a book, try on some fancy yoga pants, or take a shower.

DON’T feel like you have to do eveything your teacher calls for. We have a saying around here: You Can Flow Your Own Way. If you have an injury or just get inspired, go ahead and skip a pose, fill-in a different posture, or even pilot a new series, if you’re feeling really frisky. This is your practice, and we are not the boss of you. Just be respectful of your neighbors, and understand that if you go rogue, you’re on your own.

DO tell us if there’s anything we need to know about you. Broken back? We need to know that. Broken heart? You can tell us that, too. If you don’t like to be assisted, tell your teacher. We won’t judge.

DON’T bring a bunch of stuff into the practice rooms.  Leave your bags and shoes in the lobby cubbies. We lock the outer doors when class starts, but if you have valuables you’re worried about, please lock them in your vehicle. Refrain from bringing your phone to your mat, unless you’re on-call for work or have an extenuating circumstance: then let your teacher know. The less junk you bring to your mat…the less junk you bring to your mat!

DO be respectful and aware of your environment. Different classes have different vibes. Some are chatty and social before starting, and some are quiet and meditative. None are chatty during. Carrying on a convo with your friend is distracting to other people and to your instructor. Also, have you ever had someone fall on top of you in class? It’s not too cool. If you’re not really comfortable standing on your head in the middle of the room, don’t do it if there’s someone near enough to fall upon.

DON’T let us find out on Yelp that you were unhappy about your experience. Come talk to us. Most problems can be talked through and resolved by reasonable adults. And sometimes we might just agree to disagree.

DO take as much yoga as you can! We are not the jealous types. There are so many teachers, studios, and styles out there. Sample everything, and keep an open mind. What might be right for you on Monday might not be what you need on Tuesday. THE YOGA WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER!

At all times, let’s try to be forgiving, of ourselves and others. Yoga is a lifelong learning experience, and we’re all in this together. Through humbling experiences, our compassion grows. When we confront our discomforts, look within and examine them, we grow stronger.


~ The BE