BE TV Delivers Mindful Fitness to Your People

Athletic Classes

More Strength and Energy

Learn to be your own best coach. We emphasize mindfulness and quality of movement that will sustain you over a lifetime of fitness. At BE Athletic, you are given the agency to apply the modifications you need to reach your goals now, and later. Get into Bodyweight Workouts, Core Awareness, Active Recovery, and Oxygen Optimization.

Yoga Classes

More Resilience and Presence

Learn how to flow your own way. At The BE, we teach you to trust your intuition and so that you will become your own best teacher. We are passionate about holding space for your growth, using all of the tools of this ancient but living practice. Our instruction is respectful, supportive, and draws from many modes and lineages.


All the Comfort and Convenience

It's easy: book any class, and Zoom in in real time to see and be seen, or practice with the recording at your leisure. Our BE TV program includes a wide range of movement practices. Familiar and easy-to-use platforms, big variety, quality instruction, and classes that are accessible on YOUR schedule means no more excuses!

I Want My BE TV!

You know that it’s never been more important, or more challenging, to keep your workforce healthy and happy. People who make movement a regular part of their routines, who invest in themselves and develop their mind-body connections, are more fulfilled. Active people have more energy, better focus, and are less prone to illness. People who practice meditation are more resilient, mentally flexible, and better able to manage stressors.

Let The Body Electric Yoga and Athletic Companies help you do what you do best, by doing what we do best: bringing yoga and mindful movement medicine to the people.

The BE is located in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. We’ve been active leaders in the yoga and movement culture in our region for over 7 years. The BE is welcoming, non-dogmatic, community-minded, and fun.

Our virtual product allows you and your team to enjoy live studio classes from wherever in the world you are. The BE TV schedule includes 40 classes/week and is growing, but what really sets us apart is the variety of offerings and the quality of instruction.  Our mindful fitness pros lead bodyweight workouts, meditation, breathwork, recovery, core classes, and several styles of yoga. Most sessions can be done with zero equipment and in very little space, making this an ideal remote program. Participants can tune in live for classes, or access the class recording up to 48 hours later. That means subscribers can register for as many classes as they like, and cue them up whenever works best around busy lives and across time zones. Imagine meeting your fellow employees for a virtual yoga or workout class, or inviting a friend or family member to practice with you from the opposite coast! You could Zoom into a Bodyweight Workout on your lunch break to boost your afternoon energy, or settle in for a Yin yoga class before bed to help transition to sleep.

We’d love to support you and your group in this work. It is really our passion and sacred mission to boost the health, presence, and happiness of as many people as we possibly can.

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