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What makes our virtual membership special? Forty livestreamed classes a week, and a huge variety, too. It’s easy: book any class, and Zoom in in real time to see and be seen, or practice with the recording at your leisure. Our BE Streaming program includes a wide range of movement practices. Familiar and easy-to-use platforms, big variety, quality instruction, and classes that are accessible on YOUR schedule means no more excuses!

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BE Streaming Class Descriptions

Enjoy a creative vinyasa, sequencing postures from all the families of asana. We’ll take our time building up a standing series, generating good heat and flow, and then take it to the floor. Expect long, strong holds and deep stretching. Flow + Sound Bath has all of that, plus a relaxing and healing sound bath and meditation.

The power flow style came from the Ashtanga tradition but discarded set series. Vigorous and creative standing sequences may move quickly or employ long holds. Expect balancing, backbends, inversions, forward-bending, and twists. Build strength, range-of-motion, and comfort in your own skin.

Roll out your mat and get ready to sweat. This class will get you moving, equipment-free. But if you do have some weights or bands around, options may be given for adding load. The Body Electric Athletic Company classes emphasize student-agency: self-pacing, self-modifying, and self-accountability for a sustainable, life-long fitness practice.

Rocket is a moderately paced, Ashtanga-based flow, that’s prop-friendly and open to modifications and variations. Arm-balances and inversions are offered.

Let’s get loaded! This class simply adds load to our beloved asana practice. Enjoy the benefits of yoga while incorporating more resistance and conditioning with bands, dumbbells, and tabatas.

All movement begins with the core – the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex (LPHC). The core absorbs and transfers forces between upper and lower extremities – integral in all movement. Using yoga, pilates and other techniques, this class will help you build a stable, functional core leading to more stable and functional movement.

If you want peak performance, you’ve gotta make recovery a priority. Self-myofascial release is the main entree, with sides of repatterning and mobility exercises. You’ll learn how to use common props and mobility tools to take charge of your own recovery, healing, and functional mobility.

Our prenatal/postpartum class is a community of moms and moms-to-be, practicing yoga together in a friendly atmosphere. The special needs of the pregnant and postpartum body will be addressed. We’ll explore opening and softening poses, creating space in the body with breath, and strengthening the body and mind for labor. A foundational approach will be applied to sequences with an emphasis on internal listening and bonding with your child. Students are encouraged to go at their own pace.

This class is for beginners or for anyone interested in refining his or her knowledge of postures and alignment, basic breath work, and meditation. We will move slowly through the foundational postures and ideas central to yoga, building heat through balancing, deliberate action, and long holds, rather than through continuous movement. These classes are generally suitable for beginners and for people with special conditions. Speak with your instructor about any concerns or questions you have before class.

Yin yoga targets the deep, dense connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine, and the web of fascia that runs throughout the entire body. Most yin postures are floor-based and held for a long period of time. Do not confuse yin yoga with restorative: this class is challenging, mentally and physically.

Pranayama Meditation is an active meditation, where you’ll learn and practice a variety of breathing techniques. These tools were developed to create specific mental, physical, and emotional benefits. They are ancient, readily available, and free. In this class you will sit comfortably or assume restorative postures. Enjoy!

For when you just want to take it easy. This class is also recommended for students with injuries, special conditions, or mobility or strength issues. Chairs are available.

BE Streaming Schedule

BE Streaming is a great way to enjoy a live studio class from wherever in the world you are. BE Streams happen in real time, in real classes. They are delivered via the Zoom platform. Participants have the option to be seen or not be seen (by turning their video on or off). Viewers at home will hear the instructor’s voice and cues throughout class, but will not hear ambient room noise or music. Viewers are invited to play their own music at home if they wish, and most of our teachers have public Spotify playlists that can be followed.

Our camera will show one or more students in the room to help the student at home follow during class. Our teachers verbally cue the entire class, but we demo very little in a live class. We are instead moving around the room, observing, and cueing according to what we are seeing.  The home experience is created to be very much like being present in the studio.  It is not a made-for-TV recording.  That’s why the camera isn’t trained on the teacher, but includes real humans practicing.

A few hours after the end of each BE Streaming class, the recording becomes available via Zoom. Our staff receives the link to the recording, and manually emails that link to every person on the BE Streaming roster. Those recordings remain available for use for two days. They are not downloadable. We are sending them out as quickly as we can, but if you take an evening class, definitely expect the link to the recording to arrive sometime the next day.

After you register for a BE Streaming class, expect a confirmation email from  One hour before the start of class, you will receive your own unique Zoom link to class. Make sure you have the latest version installed. Make yourself a peaceful little spot, grab your props, and enjoy!