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Unlimited Yoga + Gym + Streaming for $65. Practice yoga and workout in two big, beautiful facilities, and choose from around 100 classes a week. The Hustle includes all of the benefits of membership, like Open Gym access, ice baths, and our full BE Streaming menu for convenience and comfort wherever you are.

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Fitness Classes

Mindful fitness at BE Athletic

Be your own best coach

Learn to be your own best coach. We emphasize mindfulness and quality of movement that will sustain you over a lifetime of fitness. At BE Athletic, you are given the agency to apply the modifications you need to reach your goals now, and later.


Choose from 30+ classes a week, including Strength, Conditioning, and Combo, plus Loaded Yoga, Bodyweight, Active Recovery, Foundations of Fitness, and a Baby Optional Workout for those with littles. We have an open gym for members, ice baths, child care, workshops, offsite events, clubs, and a robust streaming schedule for when you can’t make it in person. Book a class.


“What can I say? I’m hooked. The BE Athletic has introduced a new lifestyle of mindful movement that I never thought could have existed. I’ve always had an unhealthy relationship with working out; going from one gym to the next where I felt intimidated and self-conscious, breaking my body down for all the wrong reasons. But not here. Here, you are surrounded by the most benevolent community, in the most beautiful space. I’ve never felt so safe, so welcomed, and so supported by some of the most influential instructors.”

-Tyler Spencer

Yoga Classes

All styles at The BE Yoga

Flow your own way

Learn how to flow your own way. At The BE, we teach the tools you need to become your own best teacher. We are passionate about holding space for your growth, and helping you learn to trust your intuition, exercise agency, and glean all of the benefits of this ancient but living practice. Our instruction is respectful and supportive, and draws from many modes and lineages. We believe in the personal and cultural benefits of yoga practices and mindful physical fitness.


Choose from 60 classes a week, including Power, Hot, Restorative, Ashtanga, Kids, Prenatal, Yin, Gentle, Foundations, and more. We have two big, beautiful studios, and offer a full livestreaming schedule for when you can’t make it in person. Book a class.


“Everyone here is so kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. You can really trust them to help you be safe in your practice, and creative in regards to adaptions you may need to make for injuries. Fun, unique class and space…I love coming here.”

-Camille Godwin

BE Streaming

Virtual Live Classes via Zoom

BE at hOMe

What makes our virtual membership special? Forty livestreamed classes a week, and a huge variety, too. Zoom into our studio classes and enjoy the opportunity to ask questions, see, and be seen!  Our BE Streaming program includes a wide range of movement practices, from bodyweight workouts to power yoga to meditation. Unlimited members will also gain access to our private Facebook group where we post special content and challenges, have discussions, and share ideas and love.


Choose from 35 classes a week, including Power Flow, Bodyweight Workout, Active Recovery, Restorative, Kids, Prenatal, Yin, Gentle, Foundations, and more. Livestreams will be available for viewing for two days after the scheduled class time, so if you register and can’t make it, or want to redo the class, you can! Book a class.


“I have just started joining in some of their virtual classes and it’s been a wonderful grounding experience! The people behind this are special and it comes through in everything they do. ”

-Hildren Francis

Why Choose The BE?

BE Changed

Growth happens where the struggle begins! Our classes are designed to get you out of your comfort zone, so that you can live a bigger life. Do you want to be stronger? More patient? Less fearful?  Yoga and fitness are not panaceas, but when practiced with intention, give you the opportunity to work with these stressors in a controlled and safe environment.

BE Supported

Our spaces are comfortable and beautiful, and our staff and community are respectful and supportive. There is no reason to be intimidated. Everything we design, from our programming to our bathrooms, is intended to help you downshift and focus on your work.

BE Smart

Excellent instruction, beautiful facilities, huge variety, AND affordable. We demand the best from our teachers and coaches, and we pride ourselves on providing outstanding programming while remaining widely accessible.

BE Community

When we say we’re community-focused, it’s not just lip service. Philosophically, we are non-dogmatic, outward-looking, and inclusive. As an organization, we love to partner, contribute, and host groups and clubs. A sense of connection and belonging are integral to health and happiness, and we take this stuff seriously.

Happy People