Video - The Body Electric Yoga Company, St. Petersburg, Florida. Power, Ashtanga, Hot, Prenatal, Meditation, SUP and MORE


Meet Jenny Miller and Katelyn Grady! By Boss Babe Club

Who We Are and What We’re About, by George Mora

Expansion Project, 2016. By Chris Rish.

Mysore program director Jade Skinner made this video, explaining the practice at The BE.

Student Laura Mulrooney created a nice short video about yoga for school, featuring teachers Rachel Miller and Jade Skinner.

Jenny Miller teaches the transition, “jump back to Chaturanga.”

Jessica Needham on Warrior 1.

Expansion Kick-Off Party in the Warehouse (Time-lapse)

Jade Skinner discusses and demonstrates Sun Salutations.

Teacher and Thai Massage therapist Rissa Wray made this video about her practice.

Jenny Miller demonstrates and cues Budokon Yoga Section 2 Archer Series B.