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Membership Privileges and Responsibilities

Are you practicing more than once a week? Become a member of The BE now and enjoy unlimited classes for just $60 a month. You will be locked into this rate for as long as you keep your membership current. If you frequently travel or need more flexibility, please instead consider purchasing one month ($70) at a time instead of the autodebit.

Math is hard

If you attend class twice a week, that’s just $7.50 a class.If you come six times a week that’s $2.50 a class, and if come to every single class like a crazy person, you’d only be paying about .36 cents per class. WIN.

Annual and monthly members get:

  • Unlimited drop-in classes *CHEAP*
  • Discounted ($5) Yoga Poolside and Yoga On Tap offsite classes, up to 8 per month
  • Occasional workshop and retail deals
  • No contract
  • A locked-in rate for as long as you keep your membership current

Mysore Membership is Different

Because of the intensive nature of Mysore classes, they are offered at different rates. These pricing options include all regular group classes as well.

  • One Year Unlimited: $1,050
  • Autodebit: $108/mo

Annual Memberships may be purchased online. Monthly autodebit memberships must be set up in person at the studio.

How BE Membership works

Your Membership fee is automatically deducted from your credit or debit card on the first of every month. When you sign up, you will pay a prorated amount for the current month, PLUS the fee for the coming month. There is no extra fee for joining or for cancelling.

Students who wish to freeze their membership may do so for any reason, ONCE a year, and for ONE MONTH only. Students who wish to terminate may also do so at any time. However, you must freeze or terminate your membership BEFORE the first of the month, and you must do so by writing us at Look for a confirmation email from us. If we do not receive an email, your membership will not be frozen or terminated. Do not call, and do not try to cancel in person. Membership privileges will continue throughout the term of your last month charged. If you wish to restart your membership, you may do so at any time, but at the current rate. We will not refund you for a month that has already begun.

Annual Membership – The annual membership may not be cancelled, transferred, or refunded for any reason. If you are injured or otherwise sincerely out of commission, we can extend your membership up to three months. Write us at

Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Fees – The Membership Agreement between a Member and The Body Electric Yoga Company (the “Studio”) is on a monthly basis at a rate of $60 per month. Unlimited membership begins on the date of purchase and includes the next complete month, and then renews monthly thereafter. It is your responsibility to make sure that we have a valid credit card on file. Members are entitled to unlimited drop-in classes, free weekly Kids’ Yoga Theater Class, discounted Yoga On Tap/Yoga Poolside classes, and occasional workshop and retail perks TBA.

Termination Policy – Membership may be terminated at any time by writing Membership privileges will continue throughout the term of your last month charged. We will not refund you for a month that has already begun/been charged.