One Month
  • $70
  • All you can yoga in one month. You'd be surprised.

Yes, please
Ten Classes
  • $120
  • Ye Olde punchcard option. (No actual cards will be punched.)

Never expire
One Year
  • $600
  • You are the Ultimate yogi warrior. pay once and forget about it.

Only the best
Gift Cards
  • $Any
  • To Gifteth is better than to receiveth. Ithn't it?

Do a nice thing

Our goal is to provide the best instruction at affordable rates. The annual and $60/month autodebit unlimited memberships are the best deals. Autodebit memberships must be purchased at the studio. Read about them here: Membership Privileges and Responsibilities.

DROP-IN classes are $14. Drop-in classes for active yoga teachers are half-price. Bring in your current RYT card or show us your name on a schedule somewhere.

FIVE DOLLAR FRIDAYS! All classes on Fridays are $5 for non-members.

10-PACKS: Can be purchased 10 at a time. They do not expire, and they can be shared.

One Month Unlimited: Take all the classes you can for $70. Autodebit memberships are $60/mo, and must be purchased at the studio. See below.

AUTO-DEBIT MEMBERSHIPS: These must be purchased at the studio. Please read Membership Privileges and Responsibilities.

ANNUAL: One year of unlimited yoga. No holds, transfers or cancellations are allowed. Please read Membership Privileges and Responsibilities.

GIFT CARDS: Can be purchased for any amount! Your recipient will receive a certificate via email. If you’d prefer a physical gift card, come in and see us.

Not Included: SUP Yoga, Men’s Candelight Nude Yoga, Yoga On Tap, and workshops are priced separately. Any other questions? Ask us.