One Month
  • $70
  • All you can yoga in one month. You'd be surprised.

Yes, please
Ten Classes
  • $120
  • Ye Olde punchcard option. (No actual cards will be punched.)

Never expire
One Year
  • $600
  • You are the Ultimate yogi warrior. pay once and forget about it.

Only the best
  • Options
  • Ashtangis, here!

I'm an early bird

Our goal is to provide the best instruction at affordable rates. The unlimited annual, monthly, and autodebit memberships are the best deals. Autodebit memberships must be purchased at the studio. Read about them here: Membership Privileges and Responsibilities.

Mysore Classes

Mysore Program Prices: Mysore pricing options may be used for any and all regular group yoga classes. The inverse is not true. To practice Mysore, you must purchase a Mysore package, membership or drop-in. Mysore prices are as follows:

  • Drop-In: $20
  • 5-Pack: $90
  • 10-Pack: $170
  • One Year Unlimited: $1,050
  • Autodebit: $108/mo

All Regular BE Group Yoga Classes

DROP-IN classes are $15. Drop-in classes for active yoga teachers are half-price. Bring in your current RYT card or show us your name on a schedule somewhere.

FIVE DOLLAR FRIDAYS! All classes on Fridays are $5.

10-PACKS: Can be purchased 10 at a time. They do not expire, and they can be shared.

One Month Unlimited: Take all the classes you can for $70. Autodebit memberships are $60/mo, and must be purchased at the studio. See below.

AUTO-DEBIT MEMBERSHIPS: These must be purchased at the studio. Please read Membership Privileges and Responsibilities.

ANNUAL: One year of unlimited yoga. No holds, transfers or cancellations are allowed. Please read Membership Privileges and Responsibilities.

GIFT CARDS: Can be purchased for any amount! Your recipient will receive a certificate via email. If you’d prefer a physical gift card, come in and see us.

Not Included: Mysore, SUP Yoga, Men’s Nude Yoga, Yoga On Tap, and workshops are priced separately. Any other questions? Ask us.