Real people making the best of it

Our feeds are full of beautful people in beautful settings doing beautiful yoga poses. But yoga is not a performance or a piece of art: it's a dedicated practice of internal inquiry. That's harder to capture with your phone, and we're accustomed to presenting ourselves in a flattering light, rather than showing the ugly work behind the pretty picture. But you know what's really beautiful? Real people making the best of it. Read this excerpt from Mysore teacher Jen René's piece in DC Ashtanga Dispatch:

I know for a fact that real yoga isn’t very glamorous. It’s not sexy and it doesn’t smell good.

Personally I’m not impressed with the perfect bodies doing insane asana. Sure – I can appreciate the beauty of it. And I am happy that yoga is reaching more people than ever before. But what really impresses me is what I see in my Mysore room every single day.

I see real people making the best of it.

I see the struggle of waking up early and getting to demanding jobs. I see the students who support me and the community by assisting or volunteering to open up the studio and get it warm for everyone else. I see the parents who have little kids at home and had to negotiate with their spouses to make it to practice. I’m in awe of these people who are juggling so much, and won’t give up their time on the mat.

I see people who have body images issues, who have struggled with addiction, who have been injured, who have had surgery and who have healed with the help of this practice. I see the stiff people, the big people, the stressed people coming in and working out their troubles in their asana. I see people who bathe in the sink at the studio, carry their breakfast in their backpack and hightail it to work after savasana. And I am humbled by them because I know that life is full of trade-offs, and that something had to give for them to be here with me in the mornings.

- Jen René, read the rest

Walt says, “let's see some real, beautiful bodies doing real, ugly yoga! Make a gritty, sweaty, rough post and tag it #realpeopleofyoga. You'll get bonus Rewards points, too.”

Great Events This Very Weekend!

Yoga On Tap at The Bikery, this Sunday at 9am

Yoga Poolside at The Hollander

Saturday, 8:30am

Join Rachel Miller for the last poolside class of the season. Stay to swim or brunch. 421 4th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Ecstatic Dance with Alexis Holland and DJ Menscha

Saturday, 8:00pm

Your theme are the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Ether. The principles of each will inform your movement. As Alexis leads the dance, Menscha will select music that corresponds to the element. Then you will move into free dance. The evening begins with meditative intention-setting, and ends with a sweet, healing bath of sound.


Yoga On Tap at The Bikery

Sunday, 9:00am

Flow down with Amanda Riker. Craft coffee, new & vintage bicycles. 2222 First Avenue S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712.

New Moon, New You: Guided Meditation

Sunday, 2:00pm

Join Andrea Behler, jewelry-maker and teacher, for an inner journey with the powerful new moon as your partner. Arrive prepared with your goal or intention, or let it reveal itself to you through this ceremony.

All Yogas on Tap are $5 for BE unlimited members, or $10, advance. $15 at the door. Check Facebook or website for details and weather cancellations.

November Series

Anatomy and Adjustment Workshop for Teachers

Dates: Thursday, November 3 - Sunday, November, 6
Cost: $400
Twenty hours of CEU credits available.

Thursday - 6:00-9:00pm: Anatomy of the spine and shoulder girdle
Friday - 6:00-9:00pm: Anatomy of the pelvic girdle
Saturday - 8:00-10:00am: Led Primary (modified)
12:30-5:30pm: Adjustment breakdown & practice
Sunday - 8:00-10:00am: Led Primary (modified)
12:30-5:30pm: Adjustment breakdown & practice

Do you have the knowledge, compassion, and confidence to touch your students? In this workshop you'll learn to safely and intelligently add hands-on assists to your teacher toolbox. Join The Body Electric Yoga Company's Ashtanga Program Director Jade Skinner for a long weekend of anatomy, practice, and intensive adjustment breakdowns. Your students will thank you!


Chair Yoga Series with Bethany Peabody

Dates: November Wednesdays, 2, 9, 16 and 23
Time: 6:00-7:15pm
Cost: $80

We all know someone with limited mobility who could really use yoga. Please encourage that person to try chair yoga, a practice done while sitting in an armless chair. Our knowledgeable and kind Foundations instructor, Bethany Peabody, will lead four modules of chair yoga in November.

Students will be guided through modified yoga positions safely with the intention of learning functional, sustainable movement. This is a wonderfully accessible practice, and the chair is a brilliant prop in its own right. The class will include explorations of conscious breath work and meditation, ending with seated rest.


Presenting....the November Schedule

If you can't read it, click it

Recommended Media

Trikonasana with Shila: Our own Shila LaGrua contributed this short and edifying video. Take a look, and learn how to use your hips to extend your spine in Trikonasana.

Shila on the Youtubes

What's Yoga On Tap all about? Some folks find the idea of yoga practice and beer appreciation contradictory. In short, we do not. Bringing yoga to breweries encourages potential students who might be too intimidated to come to a studio. Many of our Yoga On Tap clients have never experienced yoga before! We are also staunch believers that yoga is for everybody, and that yoga meets you where you are. You do not have to be a perfect, ascetic saint to practice yoga, to benefit from yoga, or to share the teachings of yoga. We also love to be out in the world, partnering with community-minded local businesses that like to do the same. We believe that practicing yoga encourages self-care and moderation, which is important for drinkers! And finally, we like beer. But YOU don't have to like beer to enjoy our Yoga On Tap classes, because they are high-quality and good fun! Many thanks to Katherine Viloria for creating this short piece about yoga at 3 Daughters Brewing.

A real happy hour for #realpeopleofyoga

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A sneak peak from the teachers' lounge

Everything old is new again

The BE's expansion is nearly complete. Boyd Construction has been a joy to work with, accomodating our slim budget, old building, and picky aesthetic. Immediately you're going to enjoy a lot more elbow room, and four new classes.Check out the schedule for November, and get ready for a grand opening happening, date TBD!

What's NOT growing is our dedicated parking. Walk or bicycle and you will earn points in the Rewards Program. Rideshare when you're able to. New bike racks from the City of St Pete will be installed in the next couple of weeks. Street parking is legal all around us; please be considerate of each other and of the local residents when you're arriving. Plan to come early for classes so you have time to get settled.

November Events!

Yoga On Tap at 3 Daughters Brewing with Mountain Holler and Jessica Needham

Date: Wednesday, November 2
Time: 6:00-7:00pm
Cost: YOT pricing ($5 members/ $10 / $15 door)

Join Jessica Needham for vinyasa yoga in the warehouse. You'll have a sweaty good time, accompanied by the ethereal ambiance of Mountain Holler. 222 22nd St. S. St Petersburg, 33712

Sound Healing Meditation with Alexis Holland

Date: Saturday, November 12
Time: 6:30-7:45pm
Cost: $20

Absorb the healing qualities of sound with musician Alexis Holland. Alexis has collected instruments from around the world that create profound effects on the body and mind.

Yoga On Tap at 3 Daughters Brewing w/ Christie Lenée & Jenny Miller

Wednesday, November 16. Ladies and gentlemen, Christie Lenée!

Clothing Optional Yoga for Women

SOLD OUT. Try again next time.

Sample Sale

Date: Sunday, November 13
Time: 8:00am-Noon

Come get brand name clothing and swimwear at bargain basement prices. That's right, y'all - it's Kristi's famous (infamous?) sample sale. Cash only, sample sizes are small, mostly O'Neill brand, + bags and hats. "More Swap Meet than Saks."

Desert Dwellers + Yoga at Et Cultura!

Date:Saturday, November 19
Time: 10:00am-Noon
Cost: $25 gets you a ticket to the entire 5 day festival, including these classes

Join Katelyn Grady as she leads a yoga class with the epic live music of Desert Dwellers! The 90 minute practice will be followed up by a 30 minute acro demonstration by the talented acro yogis of St. Petersburg to finish out the 2 hour set. Guys, this is going to be amazing. On Sunday, November 20, Dream Team Jen DeBuhr and DJ MENSCHA take over the mainstage at 10am.


This is a video about yoga at Et Cultura. Click it.

685 30TH AVE N | ST. PETERSBURG, FL | 727.490.9361