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The Body Electric Athletic Company is a big and beautiful facility at 655 31st St. S. in St. Pete. We offer group fitness classes with a focus on mindfulness. An open gym and ice baths are available for members, plus locker rooms with showers, childcare, and an onsite cafe is in the works.

Mindfulness is intention, attention, and presence. Mindful fitness means paying attention to what you are doing, and being personally empowered to work within a range, pace, and load that makes sense for you. Our goal is to help you push yourself into increasingly stressful situations, so that you learn to work hard, efficiently, and accurately under pressure. In this way, real life (and real competitions), become easier. With mindful movement practice, your nervous system is trained to become accustomed to high activation when it’s time to work, and to quickly return to calm when the work is over. This creates resiliency, better recovery, and therefore a greater capacity to work over time. Mindfulness is the key.

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BE Athletic Class Descriptions

Offering functional, progressive resistance training focusing on general strength, stabilization, and power. We’ll use our own weight, plus bands, bells, dumbbells, and whatever else we’ve got lying around. In this class we’ll move more weight for fewer repetitions with the most rest, progressively increasing the amount of load that your muscles can move.

Training the cardio-respiratory complex with interval aerobic exercises, emphasizing stability and endurance. We’ll use rowers, skiers, air bikes, animal movements, bodyweight exercises, bands, and good old-fashioned running. In these classes we’ll use little to no load with little to no rest, while performing many repetitions of the same movements. Short-term focus is on keeping the heart rate high and burning calories, slowly building muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

Combines elements of the strength training and conditioning classes, using moderate load and moderate rest.

Let’s get loaded! This class simply adds load to our beloved asana practice. Enjoy the benefits of yoga while incorporating more resistance and conditioning with bands, dumbbells, and tabatas.

All movement begins with the core – the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex (LPHC). The core absorbs and transfers forces between upper and lower extremities – integral in all movement. Using yoga, pilates and other techniques, this class will help you build a stable, functional core leading to more stable and functional movement.

If you want peak performance, you’ve gotta make recovery a priority. Self-myofascial release is the main entree, with sides of repatterning and mobility exercises. You’ll learn how to use common props and mobility tools to take charge of your own recovery, healing, and functional mobility.

Train your body to use its primary source of fuel more efficiently. We’ll explore various breathing techniques to increase your CO2 tolerance, optimize your breathing habits, and saturate your system with more of that good stuff. Breathing techniques may include restriction, holding, controlled hyperventilation, ratio breathing, and others.

Come get fit with like-minded families in your community, without having to (getting to?) leave the little one behind. This workout will challenge you and engage your kids. Please bring your stroller or baby-holder, towel or yoga mat, water, and whatever will keep your little comfortable. Appropriate for approximately 6 weeks to 3 years, depending on your kid’s tolerance. Class will typically be held indoors but may move outside weather permitting. This offering is PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN!

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