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Regular Prices (after presale)

$ 1,700

AnnualBE Yoga + BE Athletic: $170/autodebit
Mysore + BE Athletic: $2,280
Mysore + BE Athletic: $218/autodebit
BE Athletic Drop-in: $19

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$ 1,530

AnnualBE Yoga + BE Athletic: $155/autodebit
Mysore + BE Athletic: $2,050
Mysore + BE Athletic: $208/autodebit
BE Athletic: $1,200/annual
BE Athletic: $110/autodebit

Current BE Yoga Prices

$ 700

AnnualAutodebit: $70
Drop-in: $16
Mysore Annual: $1,050/year
Mysore Autodebit: $108/month
Mysore Drop-in: $20

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BE Athletic Class Descriptions

Offering functional, progressive resistance training focusing on general strength, stabilization, and power. We’ll use our own weight, plus bands, bells, dumbbells, and whatever else we’ve got lying around.

Training the cardio-respiratory complex with interval aerobic exercises, emphasizing stability and endurance. We’ll use rowers, skiiers, air bikes, animal movements, bodyweight exercises, bands, and good old-fashioned running.

Combines elements of strength training and conditioning for a complete breakfast. Kick your butt in all the ways, finishing up with relaxation.

Let’s get loaded! This class simply adds load to our beloved asana practice. Enjoy the benefits of yoga while incorporating more resistance and conditioning with bands, dumbbells, and tabatas.

All movement begins with the core – the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex (LPHC). The core absorbs and transfers forces between upper and lower extremities – integral in all movement. Using yoga, pilates and other techniques, this class will help you build a stable, functional core leading to more stable and functional movement.

If you want peak performance, you’ve gotta make recovery a priority. Self-myofacial release is the main entree, with sides of deep stretching and relaxation. You’ll learn how to use common props and mobility tools to take charge of your own recovery, healing, and functional mobility.

Train your body to use its primary source of fuel more efficiently. We’ll explore various breathing techniques to increase your CO2 tolerance, optimize your breathing habits, and saturate your system with more of that good stuff. Breathing techniques may include restriction, holding, controlled hyperventilation, ratio breathing, and others.

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