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The Body Electric Athletic Company is a big and beautiful facility at 655 31st St. South in St. Pete. We offer group fitness classes with a focus on mindfulness. We’ve got lockers and showers, ice baths and a well-equipped open gym for members.

Mindfulness is intention, attention, and presence. Mindful fitness means paying attention to what you are doing, and being personally empowered to work within a range, pace, and load that makes sense for you. Our goal is to help you push yourself into increasingly stressful situations, so that you learn to work hard, efficiently, and accurately under pressure. In this way, real life (and real competitions), become easier. With mindful movement practice, your nervous system is trained to become accustomed to high activation when it’s time to work, and to quickly return to calm when the work is over. This creates resiliency, better recovery, and therefore a greater capacity to work over time. Mindfulness is the key.

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BE Athletic Class Descriptions

Kettlebells are awesome tools for full body workouts. In this class, we start with simple strength exercises, focusing on force production, stabilization, and power. In the second half of class we transition to a flow, sequencing kettlebell movements together into a repeating complex. You’ll burn calories, build muscular and cardiovascular endurance, and get into a nice, steady zone. Your coach will provide modifications and progressions, and load, pace, and rest time are managed by YOU. This is an all-levels class where you can progress at your own rate.

In recent years more full body movements have been favored over isolating single muscle groups. Isolation exercises can neglect connective and stabilizing tissues. In their place, more functional training that compliments daily life have come to the fore. Kettlebells are perfect for this kind of work. By enabling a range of dynamic movements they target more than one muscle group, creating functional strength while also burning more energy than traditional weightlifting. 

Because the center of gravity of the KB is offset, working with it demands more of our stability and mobility. As the weight shifts from muscle group to muscle group with the bell, the brain is making synergistic connections. It’s a full body workout that can also help with general range of motion and agility and is therefore applicable to real life situations, like picking up heavy objects or bending down to tie your shoe.

BE Strong is predominantly strength focused, with an emphasis on form and foundational movements. Each week we’ll focus on The BE’s primary skills: squat, lunge, hinge, push, and pull. Plus you’ll get functional accessory work that will compliment the main movements and build your strength.

We’ll use a combination of heavy, free-weight toys like dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells that are GREAT for building full-body functional strength, balance, and coordination.

Strength training is great for you because it uses resistance to increase muscle mass, strength, and the ability for the body to adapt to new demands. An added bonus of strength is it boosts metabolism, improves joint function, bone density, tendon and ligament strength, and heart function.

Circuit is a full-body workout, building strength and conditioning at the same time. In this class you’ll move through a number of stations performing movements for a period of time, and then put it on repeat. You’ll improve your endurance and stamina and use all the fun toys.

Condition this! You’ll train your cardio-respiratory complex with interval aerobic exercises, emphasizing endurance. In this class we’ll use skiers, air bikes and rowers to get your heart rate up and challenge your ability to go long. Short-term focus is on keeping the heart rate high and burning calories, slowly building muscular and cardiovascular stamina.

All movement begins with the core – the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex (LPHC). The core absorbs and transfers forces between upper and lower extremities – integral in all movement. Using yoga, pilates and other techniques, this class will help you build a stable, functional core leading to more stable and functional movement.

Rock your body! This class will get you moving to the beat, equipment free. Emphasis is on high-rep bodyweight exercises followed by periods to rest and connect. You will sweat, cut loose, and get a little weird. Bring a yoga mat for kneeling and seated work. Body Beats is heavy on cardio with sides of strength and balance, emphasizing music, freedom, and permission to flow your own way. Bodyweight movements can be deceptively challenging! Body Beats can be a gateway to fitness for beginners and yogis, a cardio day for lifters, and a great wherever-you-are, virtual option.

Yoga/Beats is a killer hybrid, starting with power vinyasa before switching gears to our music-based, bodyweight workout. You will have fun and you will sweat! We wind down with yoga stretching and of course, savasana to send you on your way with your head and body right.

If you want peak performance, you’ve gotta make self-care and recovery a regular part of your week. In these short sessions, you’ll learn how to perform self-myofascial release using simple tools like foam rollers and lacrosse balls. You’ll get a full-body flush while practicing the basic techniques of self-applied manual therapy. With this knowledge you can take charge of your functional mobility and healing from both injury and exercise.

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