All Things BE Athletic

The Body Electric Athletic Company is a big and beautiful facility at 655 31st St. South in St. Pete. We offer group classes with a focus on mindfulness, strength, and overall fitness. We have lockers and showers, ice baths, sauna, and a well-equipped open gym for members. Not to mention, top-notch instructors and a supportive community ready to help you achieve your goals. 

How does $7 for 7 days sound?

Kickstart your fitness goals! 7 days of unlimited BE Athletic classes, expert coaching, open gym, and ice bath & sauna all for $7. Click to get started.

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Why Choose The BE?

BE Changed

Growth happens where the struggle begins! Our classes are designed to get you out of your comfort zone, so that you can live a bigger life. Do you want to be stronger? More patient? Less fearful?  Yoga and fitness are not panaceas, but when practiced with intention, give you the opportunity to work with these stressors in a controlled and safe environment.

BE Supported

Our spaces are comfortable and beautiful, and our staff and community are respectful and supportive. There is no reason to be intimidated. Everything we design, from our programming to our bathrooms, is intended to help you downshift and focus on your work.

BE Smart

Excellent instruction, beautiful facilities, huge variety, AND affordable. We demand the best from our teachers and coaches, and we pride ourselves on providing outstanding programming while remaining widely accessible.

BE Community

When we say we’re community-focused, it’s not just lip service. Philosophically, we are non-dogmatic, outward-looking, and inclusive. As an organization, we love to partner, contribute, and host groups and clubs. A sense of connection and belonging are integral to health and happiness, and we take this stuff seriously.

Happy People