Don’t let the promise of January die with the dog days of February: grab a partner and keep it rolling! #BeMine4Feb is a friendly competition of yoga quantity and variety. You win camaraderie! Fun! Health! And possibly, a prize!

Participant Categories

  1. Friend pair
  2. Family pair
  3. Romantic pair

Hopefully this part isn’t awkward.

Try for:

  1. Most classes taken together
  2. Most classes taken total
  3. Biggest variety

Better ideas? We’ll consider them.

Yoga Is Its Own Reward (But Prizes)

PRIZES will be good stuff, and awarded on March 1! So far we have from these generous and awesome locals:

If you have something to contribute, let us know.

POSSIBLE BONUS points (to be added at our inscrutable whims): Oldest pair, best social posts, biggest age gap, or make up your own (we’ll consider almost anything).

Terms: Pairs may enter at any date, but counting begins February 1 and ends February 28. No pets, and no throuples (sorry, polys: obvious advantage). One person from each team creates their entry here. For social media consideration, please tag us and use the hashtag, #BeMine4Feb.

No pressure. Make it good.
Not your junk one.