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By Lance Robbins
Shoulder range of motion is on a spectrum depending on who you are. Some people are bricks, some people are noodles, and it’s helpful to find out where you are. ⁠
One of my favorite simple tests for shoulder mobility is the FMS behind the back reach test. ⁠
1. Stand tall feet together ⁠
2. In one motion reach right hand over head to touch as low down as possible between the shoulder blades⁠
3. Simultaneously with the left arm reach behind the back to reach up between the shoulder blade as high as you can⁠
4. Compare how close the top and bottom hand are from each other ⁠
5. Repeat on the other side and look for asymmetries. ⁠
If you can easily touch your hands together then your mobility is adequate. If you’re finding a gap between the top and bottom hand, how big is it and is it significantly different from side to side? ⁠
You may find an answer to why you have difficulty pressing weight overhead. ⁠
Active recovery, yoga and core awareness can bring balance to big asymmetries, mobility restriction, or bricks. ⁠
Loaded Yoga, Core Awareness and Strength training can bring balance to hyper mobility. ⁠
How are your shoulders?

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