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A friend of mine just described her core as a “sloppy sack.” That awareness is the first step! Our Core Awareness class is the next step. Come and get it, in-house or virtually. Cat not included.

Core Awareness 1 and 2
with Katelyn

Using yoga, pilates and other techniques, this class will help you build a stable, functional core leading to more stable, functional movement. This is not an “abs-blaster” kind of workout. We’re moving slowly, being picky about alignment, and building awareness.

 Sample one on YouTube: Core Awareness 1, September 7, 2020 


BE Member Endorsements

Core Awareness is the magic bullet for improved performance in so many other sports and motions, and more importantly it is essential for injury prevention. I’ve been able to ramp up the quality and quantity of my running over the past several months, partially due to increased core focus. A stronger core = improved stability = happy knees. – Jay C.
Gotta be honest I was a little reluctant to take the class mainly bc with 2 little ones my workout time is hard to come by and sometimes I feel like I’m only getting in a ‘good workout’ if I sweat and burn a ton of calories…how wrong I was! This class will revolutionize your other practices and I’ve been doing yoga for over 10 years! Katelyn’s knowledge of the body’s anatomy and ability to describe it in a way that is understandable and able to integrate it into your body’s movements is truly special. Give it a try! – Liz S.
Core Awareness is a game changer! The small intricate movements cultivate body awareness on a level beyond what you can see vs what you feel is happening. I love this class!!! It’s helped me understand how to move & be better supported in my body when I’m exploring complex asana, training in the gym, as well as intense paddling on the water. I have less back pain, AND I’m not as sore! Consistency is key to caring for our bodies … I recommend this class for EVERYONE! Make it part of your weekly routine. – Mama Jade

Book one now! In-House or BE Streamed

Core Awareness 1: Mondays 7:00am
Core Awareness 2: Tuesdays 5:30pm
Core Awareness 1: Fridays 7:00am

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