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Resilience and Resistance

By June 19, 2020No Comments
What are we capable of?

Resilience and Resistance

Resilience and resistance are ecological concepts that can be applied at the level of a society, community, or individual within. We can imagine an ecosystem, a forest, and one tree standing in it. Or for metaphorical purpose, a nation, a town, and a person. Or even, one human body and the organized systems that make it run. Resilience and resistance are measures of a system's stability.

Resistance is the measure of a system's ability to remain unchanged in the face of disturbances. Resilience is the ability of a system to recover after a disturbance. A society, community, or an individual can have high resistance and low resilience, or vise versa. Low resistance and high resilience is useful in a system that relies on intermittent disturbances in order to achieve long-term stability. Could this be a useful lens through which to view the forces at work right now?

It seems that We the People are experiencing some very real disturbances. And We the Individuals are as well. How much change are we capable of? What is necessary? How much can we disturb our systems without complete disorganization and collapse? How much can we adapt? Can we stay well? Is there equilibrium to be found in any of this, on a macro or personal level?

These are the inquiries and disquietudes that we can hold in our meditation and mindful movement practices. Thank goodness we have these tools. Movement and stillness, action and reflection, change and inertia are the patterns and tides that make up our days. Physical resistance and resilience can be bolstered, of course, with exercise, mindfulness, good diet and sleep habits, and all the tricks and wisdom you've amassed over the years that support your systems.

Please continue to extend grace and compassion to each other and to yourselves. We are all trying our best to manage a pandemic in its many forms, and to confront overt and covert racism in all its visceral brutality, and insidious subtlety. This work in service of a better future is going to look different on everybody.

This is a very important time to prioritize self-care. Self-care is not selfish. It's what allows us to do the Big Work. Please come into The BE to do your work, if you feel comfortable to do so, or practice at home with BE Streaming. Holding space is what we do. If you come in bring a mask, because face-coverings are now required in indoor spaces. Starting today, all BE staff will wear masks at all times, complying with the City's new orders. Patrons are exempt when exercising, but masks on in the lobbies, folks. We've got them in fancy locally-made cloth style, and we're stocking disposables if you forget.

To health and change!
Jenny and The BE


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