Update: 5/5/2021

Dear BE People:

The Governor’s order invalidating local governments’ COVID-control policies shifts responsibility to private businesses for creating and enforcing safety measures.

With this in mind, the BE staff will continue wearing masks at all times in our facilities, but we’re no longer going to enforce mask-wearing for y’all, our customers.

We know our clientele will continue to act responsibly, staying home when not feeling well, keeping distant, getting vaccinated, and self-reporting positive results so that we can continue alerting students to potential exposures.

We feel this is the best move to make at this point of time, and we are hoping you will be supportive of us as we continue to work together to keep everyone safe.

Thank you for your support over this last year. We are grateful for your willingness to balance the needs of the community with your own comfort. We look forward to the day when everyone can practice together without fear of a pandemic.

In gratitude,
The BE

The BE is back!

We’ve implemented the following measures to limit exposure:

  1. Clients and staff are required to wear masks/face coverings at all times while in areas of the business open to the public, including all practice rooms and group classes.
  2. Small room capacities. Please preregister. On arrival, our front desk staff will check you in.
  3. Floors are marked with lightning bolt decals. Place your mat at any empty bolt.
  4. We are running a full schedule of BE Streaming classes FOREVER!
  5. Booked spots will be held. No-shows and late-cancels will be charged, including members. So commit and show up! Please familiarize yourself with our New Cancellation Policies.
  6. Several outdoor classes offered each month.
  7. Gym clients receive a personal spray bottle and cloth to wipe equipment and surfaces.
  8. Zero-tolerance policy for staff and clients exhibiting flu-like symptoms.
  9. Read our current City-required posting of all of our COVID-related mitigation efforts.

In the event of a staff or client-reported positive test, we’ll use our rosters to contact ASAP all people who may have been exposed. Please make sure that you have provided real, current contact info in your BE account.

More details

New Class Policies. Center your mat to lightning bolt decal on the floor. Be mindful not to congregate. If you're coughing or sneezing, please excuse yourself from class. Return rental mats to the front desk.

  • We have reopened with a full schedule, but limited room capacities. The room caps will be quite small, and the floors will be marked for mat placement. Preregistration is highly recommended. Spaces will be held for those who have registered, and fees will be charged for no-shows and late-cancels (two hour window for no-fee, self-cancellation). BE STREAMING WILL CONTINUE, live from the classrooms, with roughly 40 classes available per week. The BE Streaming program is INCLUDED with unlimited memberships, but are also available as stand-alone ten-packs, drop-ins, and unlimited, streaming-only memberships.
  • For the time being, class durations will be 60 or 75 minutes. We are encouraging folks to bring their own mats, water bottles, and yoga props. Masks are required at all times.
  • BE Streaming classes may be registered for through our website or app. If you’re using our branded app or the MINDBODY app, you must jump between both Athletic and Yoga locations to view the virtual schedule. They are easy to view here on the BE Streaming page. After registering, you will receive a link via email, which will include the Zoom link for the specific class. In these classes, you can have your camera on or off, so you can see other students, and there will be the possibility of interaction with the instructor. These classes are available (not downloadable) to those who registered for two days after the live class. MOST IMPORTANT is that the email address we have for you in your account is correct, and that you are opted-in to emails. Otherwise you won’t get the link. Also, please create a free Zoom account at Zoom.

Thanks so much for your support. The continued connections and good vibes of this community feels so good!


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  • Judy Powell says:

    Thank you for all your effort to keep us safe and healthy! I may well imagine the stress being felt by you. This pandemic stinks!!! I miss BE so very much. For me it is so much greater than a yoga class! I hesitate returning solely because my husband is auto immune compromised. He and I are in our seventies and more vulnerable. 🥴 I refuse to believe that BE is in my past! I hope to sign up for a class and return to your heartfelt space! Miss each of you a lot!!!

    • Kara J. says:

      So glad to see this post and grateful for all you guys are doing to keep everyone safe. Can you provide an update on the open gym policy? Is open gym still available? Is there a sign up for that?

      • Jenny says:

        Hey Kara! People are really interested in the Open Gym, which is great. So far we have no set capacity limit or time limit for users. We will keep an eye on things (we have cameras back there visible by Front Desk staff), and if people are having a hard time distancing, we will implement caps and time limits. EVERY client who comes in to use the Open Gym, Strength, or Conditioning Rooms will be given a personal microfiber towel and bottle of 70% alcohol spray, for wiping surfaces and equipment as they go. Our staff will also be regularly spraying everything.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Judy! Are you at all interested in practicing remotely? It doesn’t look like you’ve been in the livestreamed classes. I know it’s not the same, but it’s still pretty cool. We can help you get started if you like. It’s included in your membership! And of course we look forward to seeing you IRL as soon as you feel it’s safe to do so <3

  • Eurich Griffin III says:

    So are we still able to use the showers at all or are those gonna be off limits for now??

    I have missed the BE so much I can’t express it in words!!

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks, Eurich! We will be seeing you soon! Yes, you can shower, we are all about cleanliness. But make sure you bring your own towels, because we’re not loaning or renting them.

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