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The BE Athletic Prices

By September 20, 20194 Comments

Our new baby got some ink from St. Pete Rising: The Body Electric to Open New Athletic Facility in St. Pete. That was nice! And a little bit scary!

Right now we’re in the final stages of figuring out pricing. Beginning November 1, interested BE Yoga unlimited members can write to discuss how your switch to the dual membership would work. Since we currently have folks on different autodebit and annual plans, which all started at different times, it’s going to be a little bit of a mathematical nightmare challenge to convert everyone. That’s why our superstar Operations Manager, Rebecca Brachmann (former math teacher) has taken it on! In brief, every current unlimited member will have the opportunity to add The BE Athletic for a discounted presale price, through February.  Non-members and yoga members after the presale period may join at the normal rates.

Some of you early adopter superstars have been with us forever, and are on $500 annual and $50/autodebit plans. Those rates are locked in at The BE Yoga til death do us part, but we can’t make them transfer over to the New Deal. Instead, those of you on $50/$500 and $60/$600 who switch to dual membership during the presale period will be offered some amount of Summer 2020 gratis. What else? Those who start their dual or BE Athletic Memberships before we open (hopefully December 20) won’t start paying until January 1.  Aaaaaaand for those of you on annual plans, we’ll calculate what you are owed to the end of your year, and credit that amount toward your new dual membership. Does that make sense?  I hope so.

Example: you renewed your $600 Annual membership in July 2019. We calculate (per month) what we “owe” you to the end of your contract, which at that rate is $50/mo.  We apply that ($300) toward the presale dual rate of $1,530. To thank and you and acknowledge your grandfathered status, we’ll extend your first year by two months.  You pay $1,230, and your year starts January 1 and ends March 1. You are locked in at the presale price, $,1530, forever, and hopefully you’ll re-up in March 1, 2021.

For $60 autodebits, we’ll instead remove the months of June and July from your payment schedule, for 2020 only. Your new dual rate of $155 is also locked in forever.  If you start a dual BE membership and decide to return to Yoga Only, you can return at your old rate!

For $50/$500 Original Members, get on the horn with Rebecca and we’ll figure something out 😉

Everyone wants to know exactly what the pricing will be.  I’m reluctant to put it here in black and white, because it’s been changing every day.  But what we THINK it’s gonna be looks a little something like this:

Members Presale Prices

BE Yoga + BE Athletic: $1,530/annual

BE Yoga + BE Athletic: $155/autodebit

Regular Prices

BE Yoga + BE Athletic: $1,700/annual

BE Yoga + BE Athletic: $170/autodebit

BE Athletic: $1,200/annual

BE Athletic: $110/autodebit

Drop-in: $19

BE Yoga Prices

Annual: $700

Autodebit: $70

Drop-in: $16

I can’t imagine everything will run perfectly smoothly right off the bat.  But you know we’re gonna try our best. For the first time, we’ll have to hold reservations and charge fees for no-shows and late cancels, because most of these classes will have a more limited capacity than our yoga classes. That will be new training for all of us. We hope to have the juice bar up and running, and our childcare available immediately. There will be hours offered for open gym use for members only, too, and those will be posted as soon as we know them.  Thank you for your patience while we continue ironing out the details! And we really appreciate all of the positive feedback and enthusiasm.


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  • Katina Kohlmann says:

    I’m super excited about the new Athletic facility and am interested to have a dual membership. Can’t wait to see it!

  • Cindy Potts says:

    Tell us more about what BE athletic will include. Juice bar… Is that at yoga studio and athletic??

    • Jenny says:

      Hey Cindy!
      We have the draft schedule already online, if you go to late December you can see what we’re planning to offer and when and class descriptions, etc. The story in the link also has our current class titles and some more info. Juice bar is at BE Athletic. We already have our friends Squeeze next door at BE Yoga. Thanks for your questions!

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