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Last month, Beerasana held its first international retreat. We took 17 people to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. We learned a few things.

  1. We were supposed to take 19 people, unfortunately, two weren’t allowed to board the plane. Lesson: make sure your passport is in good condition. A detached back cover means you get left at home.

Two fewer than there should’ve been.

  1. We are some lucky motherfuckers. The people who came on the trip were awesome. A handful of them were friends and family, another handful were perfect strangers, and the bunch were students, none of whom we knew very well. Through the whole nine days we were thanking our lucky stars for the happy, easy group we got, and now we have some new friends.

For example, we didn’t know Melissa, and she was delightful!

This yoga retreat was simply awesome! It provided an amazing yoga experience and allowed me to challenge myself and find my strengths as well as my not so strong abilities. It gave me a new love: Yoga!!

Melissa Lelonek
Kodak, Tennessee

  1. That said, throwing a large group of people together, far out of their comfort zones, had its interesting moments. We learned that 20 people would absolutely be our upper limit for trips. More than that, and I think we’d start to see some cliques, mutinies, or worse.

No clique-ish behavior here. The only thing worse than the bikes were the roads. On the other hand, the roads had monkeys and sloths on them.

  1. The folks who run the Goddess Garden Eco Resort are excellent. They took care of everything, so Katelyn and I could focus on teaching classes, and have fun ourselves. What wonderful hosts! It would’ve been a major pain in the ass to have to worry about lodging, food, and transportation for all those people. Phew.

See? Planning class, unbothered by room & board concerns.

  1. People love personal growth exercises, opportunities for introspection, and especially sloths.

Oh, god. So cute. With the lady of Sloth Bathing Fame.

  1. No major disasters happenend. This was a surprise for me.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  1. People loved the delicious food. And apparently some people like to eat in the morning before practice. We also learned there are basically two beers in Costa Rica.


  1. There was so much togetherness, so many great excursions, and plenty of time for just hanging out.

So happy to have Angie and Jesse there. Superstars.

  1. People like to have photographic evidence of their breakthroughs.

Inversions at the wall and lots of photo ops.

  1. People will surprise you with Wilson Phillips. We had just settled everyone quietly into their final Savasana of the week, when Angela suddenly popped up from her mat and sang, “I know that there is pain…”

I didn’t know what was going on. I thought Angela was going rogue. And then another person popped up and sang, “but you hold on for one more day,” and then a third: “and you break free from the pain…” Until we were being serenaded by the whole group. We could not have been better thanked than by a surprise a cappella performance of  “Hold On.” Clearly, our students had come to know us pretty well.

Both of us want to thank everyone, again, for coming on our maiden voyage, and for having such great attitudes, every one of you. As for the rest of you: don’t worry, there will be so many more. Next time!

Thank you, Jesse Miller, staff photographer.


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