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Hold on Loosely

By August 9, 2012May 30th, 2019No Comments

The Buddha laid it down:

1. All Life Is Suffering
2. Suffering Comes From Desire (Grasping or Craving)
3. We Can Overcome that Suffering
4. The Way to Overcome it is to Follow the 8 Fold Path

It’s not always easy, when I’m hurting, to take that step back and see the real source of my pain. But often, after some time, I can remove myself enough to see the source of my suffering and it’s always a want. I want recognition, or love, or money, or something. The harder I want it, the more out of control my emotions become; the pain more intense.

Stepping back and seeing this is calming. It’s not the end of the work. But, it helps. Often, the desire remains. But with a new-found calm I can pursue my desire more intelligently and more effectively. Some day, maybe, desires will die in me. Then, I win!

Until then, at least I have power ballads.


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