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For Better Elimination…

By June 28, 2012May 31st, 20194 Comments

Indra Devi Speaks: Excerpts from Yoga For Americans

A while back, we shared with you a bit about historic yogi Indra Devi and posted an excerpt from the book jacket of her Yoga for Americans. Well, now we’re actually reading it and wouldn’t ya know there is more good shit in there. So we’ve decided to bring you more of her words, dear reader. Let’s begin with this little ditty about squatting and pooping.

One should learn to squat for better elimination. This position has been designed by nature itself as the correct posture for evacuation of waste matter, because of the spine being slightly bent forward and the thighs pressed against the abdomen. The use of high-seat toilets in the West is probably largely responsible for multiplying the number of sufferers from poor elimination and constipation. And these conditions in turn are directly or indirectly causing a host of other troubles and diseases.

There is but one disease, according to the world-famous surgeon, the late Sir W.A. Lane: insufficient drainage — inadequate elimination of poisonous waste material. Unless it is thrown off, poisonous waste remains in the system and begins slowly to undermine the health of our organism, finally destroying it.


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