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A dog’s life is stressful. They are at the whim of their owners, never knowing when they will sniff their next butt. Never fear, Doga is here. When your pooch seems a little frazzled, you can go and breathe it out together.

The eyes of the canine participants seem to say: “Can you believe this shit?”

In Doga class you will massage your pet and do various postures with them awkwardly balanced on or under you. Doga is for those times you look at your dog and think; “C’mon, let’s go get weird.”

Then after class maybe you can grab an ice  cream from the K99 truck and go to the park to play with Fido’s new “Om ball” or “Shanti stick” from Bhodi toys.

Traditionalists lament that Doga trivializes yoga by turning it into a fad. To me, it seems like a natural progression. Pet pamper and Yoga are both booming markets, getting sillier every minute.

Of course, if finding and attending a Doga class just seems like a little too much work, you could always just drop them off at the spa.

I think they may have left the perm in too long.


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