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The national yoga champ is a former professional dancer, yoga teacher, and bartender from Orlando. Naturally. Tampa Bay Times’ Stephanie Wang Q&A’d her in today’s pape: National yoga champ to try for world title. The print headline was a little better.

I’ll leave the debate about yoga competitions to people who care. But, damn! Look at that one-armed peacock! You always know when you’ve got an ex-gymnast or dancer in your class. Even if it’s their first time doing yoga, they’re so body-aware and good at following cues that they’re comfortable right away. Also: serious strength and flexibility. And style. You know what other people are awesome at following voice cues? Blind people. Their balance is also crazy amazing. If you don’t believe me, just try standing in Tree pose with your eyes closed.

Beerasana cheers Floridian Afton Carraway! Come have one on us, champ.


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