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Tonight we head up to Odessa for the 2nd annual Rasa-Lila Fest.  Created by tireless area yoga-cheerleader Nathan Bangs, Rasa-Lila “can be freely translated from Sanskrit into ‘the dance of love,'” but I liked Nathalia’s translation better:  The Indigo People.  Or, the Purple Race, which is also funny.  We, the Purple People, shall freely assemble ourselves in a field on 24″ by 72″  foam mats of many colors, synchronize our arms, hands, feet, and even our very perinea into a Twister-like dance, accompanied by the music of crystal singing bowls.

It’s fun!  Honest.  We’ll be camping tonight, repping at the Yoga Stage tent tomorrow, and getting away when we can for all manner of yogas, mediations, napping, workshops, swimming, schmoozing, and paddleboarding.  And eating.  We hope to see you there.  Wear your funny clothes!


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