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Your Baby Can Headstand

By October 22, 2011No Comments

How long’s it been since you did a headstand? Elementary school? Never? That is sad. We are here to help you with your problem. Headstand is my favorite pose, because its effects are so immediate and obvious. You needn’t rely on dubious claims of alleged benefits. You WILL feel more energized and clearheaded. Also it promotes hair growth. I use it in place of afternoon coffee. I use it when I’m tired of simply sitting on a lawn chair. Today we’re doing Tripod Headstand, which is the version you probably did as a kid.

Uncle Joe humoring me at grandma’s

Tripod headstand is a bit easier to learn than traditional headstand, because you can come into it in stages, resting your weight on the backs of your arms. In today’s video, Katelyn teaches and a muppet demos the steps into tripod headstand. Start by making your tripod — two hands, and the crown of your head on the mat. Don’t put your hands up beside your ears unless you want to flail around like a fish. Come onto the balls of your feet and walk in towards your face as far as you can. Bring one knee at a time to sit on the back of your arms. This is a fine place to stay, building strength and getting used to having some weight on your head. When you’re feeling confident enough, bring your toes together and straighten your legs right up. Bam. Good job.

I’m glad I’m wearing shades in this video because I can tell I was making a hundred stupid faces. Also, Katelyn wants you to know that if you like her earrings you can buy them at Yoga Etc. Studio.


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