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Yoga is good for other stuff

By September 13, 2011No Comments
Like climbing shit

Sometimes it seems like Beerasana might turn into a repository of photos and videos of Katelyn doing things. Wrong! Eventually I will also do something. I’m just….so busy….computing. A nice dude named Eric took us to a boulder field in the forest near Brevard, NC. He showed us the not-ropes. Did you know climbing has a crazy specialized language? Watch me murder it. So, being strong and flexible is good for climbing. It’s also good to not be a wuss. You’ve gotta eradicate your ego. I failed on those last two counts. Maybe the last four.

Climbers don’t seem to realize there are easier ways to get to the top. See?

They spend a lot of time puzzling out their “problems,” and then throw themselves at these rocks. Meanwhile I have eaten a sandwich, peed, and walked up the backside in time for the photo op.

There’s a lot of resting and shooting the shit. I wanted to read my book, but Eric had told me “there’s no reading on the crash pad.” So I sat and learned things. Like that I don’t enjoy doing things I’m not good at. Lame.

Eric is, I believe, painting the route with a chalk ball. This boulder might look small, and it is. But size doesn’t matter with these people.


To summarize, yoga is part of a complete breakfast.


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