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We got a little work done

By September 26, 2011No Comments

While we’re waiting for KT’s essay on OM, the people have spoken about whatever. WHAT’S WRONG AND WHAT’S RIGHT WITH AMERICA TODAY? By the end of this post you should be able to answer those questions.

By the way, the other day I was jogging down by the bay, and a guy approached me running the other way. As he passed he said, “You run like a 65-year old.”


A Job for Beerasana?

Maybe you should go on Wife Swap, and try to teach King Curtis your brand of yoga. I know this is really old, but I just found it and cannot stop watching. Fried salad! Bacon! Little suitcases! And the “after” reveal that shows the family eating fruit…as long as its been dipped in a chocolate fountain.

Long Live King Curtis!

— Sallypants (Chicago)

Cats, Liz, Colbert, Drusg, and all things good

Crazy Letters to the Editor from Bob’s Hometown Paper

We will not let this popular feature die. Thank you, Huntington (WV) Herald-Dispatch! And Bob.

Poll worker wasn’t very impressive

I voted in the Oct. 4 special election for governor. At the polling place I was greeted by a worker dressed up in a “young urban white punk” costume. After listening to his garbled instructions, it occurred to me that it wasn’t an act. He really was what he seemed.

I guess this job could have been some kind of plea-bargained community service. Or, maybe the West Virginia secretary of state is trying raise her “street cred.” Regardless, I miss the “old days” of properly attired poll workers who seemed to enjoy their work.

Alec Plymale


(Bob has the chutzpah to add “your people.”)

It’s Love

Finally, Les (DC) has sent an adorable photo of her husbandman Oscar and Jay from Season 1 Project Runway getting all huggy on each other.


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