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In the morning this will all seem fake, so don’t sleep

By January 20, 2011No Comments

Grandpa hear

Seems like it’d be easy, but it’s not to make a playlist for people to listen to while they’re engaged with their yoga. I started out with ambitions to make a good playlist, but have since scaled back to just trying not to annoy the shit out of anyone. However, someone’s always going to be annoyed. And if you don’t frequently change your mixtapes, someone’s going to be annoyed every week. With this in mind, Coach whipped me up a playlist. So nice, it’s like getting a casserole in the mail.

It’s a yoga mix

From: Coach
Subject: yoga mix?

grandpa here,

in the back of my mind is always your constant conundrum (prequel to k.d.’s hit) of putting together a yoga mix. maybe these youngsters can help out?

[postscript] Hey pizza rocket, I also think you’d like the band Warpaint!


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